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Job Description

Our Baristas are an integral part of the guest experience, through the face-to-face customer interaction. Our addictive doughnuts, pastries, are only enhanced with the perfect cup of coffee. From approachable house coffee and espresso blends to high-quality and rare single origin coffees, we seek to provide a unique coffee experience for all types of coffee drinkers. This is only possible with the dedication and passion of everyone who is a part of our team. We’re looking for positive and energetic folks with amazing service skills and a strong desire to learn about coffee.

Key Responsibilities

  • Ability to describe the tasting notes of all the coffees on our menu and articulate that to our customers

  • Make all coffee + tea items on our menu

  • Open and close the coffee bar by yourself

  • Alert the Lead Barista of any malfunctions in equipment as soon as possible

  • Create beautiful latte art

  • Know how to properly make/cut cold brew according to company recipes

  • Regularly tasting coffee and tea to ensure that quality standards are being upheld throughout the day

  • Complete the coffee/tea inventory lists each week

  • Maintain a clean bar/workspace at all times

  • Other job duties as assigned

Required Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

  • Food, restaurant and/or previous customer service experience

  • A team player with a positive can-do attitude

  • Quick and adaptable learner

  • Excellent and collaborative communication skills

  • A knack for delivering personable customer service and a desire to make connections with guests everyday

  • Accountable in upholding high standards

  • Open availability including weekends and holidays

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