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Production Lead

Job Description

The Production Lead works directly with the Kitchen Manager/Pastry Chef and assists them in running the kitchen’s day to day tasks and operations. The Production Lead is responsible for monitoring the team’s production and pace throughout each day. The Production Lead will go through extensive training with the Kitchen Manager/Pastry Chef so they build a strong product-knowledge foundation and gains the skills to effectively train their team. The Production Lead is responsible for handling many different situations that may arise within the kitchen.

Key Responsibilities

  • Acts in a responsible manner that promotes the culture, values and mission of Blondie’s Doughnuts

  • Sets the example for their team by maintaining consistent attendance and punctuality

  • Directs the team to ensure proper training and updates them as needed of any changes

  • Ensures all of the BOH team members uphold Blondie’s standards of product quality

  • Ability to train new team members on the respective station in the kitchen where they’ll be working, as needed, during their orientation/onboarding/training period

  • Ability to communicate effectively with other leaders in the kitchen, which include the Kitchen Manager/Pastry Chef and Assistant Manager

  • Ability to form a strong, cohesive team that enjoys working together by providing an environment that promotes growth and accountability with a humanized leadership approach

  • Ability to promote a team environment

Required Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

  • Previous kitchen experience in a supervisory role

  • Flexibility to work various shifts, including mornings, overnight, weekends and holidays

  • Excellent punctuality and reliable transportation to and from work

  • Extreme attention to detail and organizational skills

  • Ability to multitask and set priorities

  • Friendly attitude & team player

  • Excellent time management skills to work at a fast pace

  • Initiative to communicate and suggest improvements to team members when needed

  • Ability to remain calm and focused in a fast-paced environment

  • Ability to work in a standing position for long periods of time (up to 10 hours)

  • Ability to bend, reach, stoop, and lift up to 50 pounds

  • Fluency to read and communicate in English

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