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Kitchen Manager

Job Description

The Kitchen Manager of is an upper-level management position that manages the overall operation of the kitchen in partnership with our Assistant and General Managers. In particular, the majority of the Kitchen Manager/Pastry Chef’s time is spent supervising and directing the workforce, ordering raw goods, overseeing maintenance of kitchen equipment, monitoring product quality, managing the quality & execution of prep/dough/doughnut decor, dictating the production pace and priorities, as well as monitoring and evaluating team member performance and maintaining the cleanliness of all kitchen spaces and equipment. The Kitchen Manager/Pastry Chef is the leader of all things back of house.

Key Responsibilities

  • Acts in a responsible manner that promotes the culture, values and mission of Blondie’s Doughnuts

  • Sets an example for their team by maintaining consistent attendance, punctuality, and cleanliness

  • Trains new hires and maintains a consistent learning environment for their team. Ensures all staff are properly trained to perform at a high level and prioritizes communication with their team to ensure they’re updated on changes, updates, new menu items, etc.

  • Ensures all of their team members uphold Blondie’s Doughnuts standards of product quality

  • Ability to form a strong, cohesive team that enjoys working together, by providing them with an environment that promotes growth and accountability, while always using a humanized leadership approach

  • Kitchen Manager/Pastry Chef are responsible for creating a TEAM-centric environment and getting to know the team on a personal level by organizing coffee dates, team lunches, potluck activities, etc.

  • Most importantly, the Kitchen Manager/Pastry Chef must feel comfortable being a leader and have a desire to praise their team for both small and large victories. It’s important to have the ability not only to communicate when improvements are needed and things have gone wrong, but also when the team does something awesome! A friendly and positive work environment is a core value of Blondie’s Doughnuts.

Required Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

  • Minimum 2 years previous experience as a Pastry Chef, Exec. Chef, Kitchen Manager, Chef de Cuisine, Sous Chef (or equivalent)

  • Previous kitchen experience in a management capacity

  • Ability to communicate clearly and concisely both orally and written

  • Ability to manage kitchen operations independently in a fast-paced environment

  • Ability to follow & manage SOPs to ensure established product quality levels are met at all times

  • Strong organizational planning, problem-solving and operational skills in a team-based environment

  • Leadership skills with the ability to coach and mentor others through positivity

  • Proficient with computers and mobile devices

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