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Overnight baker

Job Description

At Blondie’s Doughnuts, our Overnight Bakers are key players in making sure our doughnuts look and taste amazing. They are responsible for setting the pace for a great shift, every shift. The Overnight Bakers works diligently to cut, proof and fry doughnuts that will be used for our catering orders, wholesale orders, and retail inventory for the morning rush of customers. The Overnight Baker goes through extensive training to help build a strong product-knowledge foundation and learn to handle many different situations that may arise within our kitchen.

Key Responsibilities

  • Physically manipulate dough by using a sheeter for the doughnuts

  • Cut, proof and fry various types of dough per company standards and instructions laid out by management

  • Responsible for shaping, proofing and baking breakfast sandwich buns, bread loaves, Danish, cookies, and other pastries as directed by management

  • Responsible for scaling ingredients, mixing, and baking cakes

  • Follow the production numbers provided each day by management

  • Visually inspect products before, during and after frying/baking to ensure the highest quality is maintained before the products are handed off to the decorators

  • Ensure product counts are performed throughout each shift to check that accurate amounts of doughnuts and other items were cut, proofed and fried or baked

  • Communicate with production leads to cross-check the counts and troubleshoot quality issues

  • Ensure cleanliness of work areas including but not limited to tables, shelves, equipment, walls, and floors

  • Ensure maintenance of equipment and tools used daily and report any malfunctioning or broken equipment to the production lead immediately

  • Complete and submit cleaning checklists at designated times

  • Other related responsibilities as assigned

Required Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

  • Previous experience working with dough is preferred, but not required

  • Ability to work a variety of shifts, including weekends and holidays

  • Comfortable with physically strenuous and repetitive tasks

  • Excellent punctuality and reliable transportation to and from work

  • Extreme attention to detail and organizational skills

  • Ability to multitask and set priorities

  • Friendly attitude & team player

  • Excellent time management skills to work at a fast pace when given plenty of time

  • Self-starter with a curiosity to continue to learn

  • Integrity to work alone with minimal supervision

  • Initiative to communicate and suggest improvements when needed

  • Ability to perform basic arithmetic, including addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division

  • Ability to use a digital scale and perform calculations for weight/volume measurements

  • Ability to work in a standing position for long periods of time (up to 10 hours)

  • Ability to bend, reach, stoop, and lift up to 50 pounds

  • Fluency to read and communicate in English

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